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Tieto and Telia CDN levels up Kjell & Co e-commerce

Kjell & Co was facing the challenge of meeting their customers increasing demands on a perfect user experience and was also having problems with uneven load on their server and managing large traffic peaks during campaigns such as Black Friday.  

Tietos solution Tieto Web Performance is a cloud service that helps companies and organizations meet the increasingly tough demands on a fast and flawless customer experience. Tieto Web Performance is powered by Telia CDN. One of the largest CDNs in the world, with a capacity over 75 TBPS.  

Tieto’s service was successfully implemented at the end of 2018 and ensures that their e-commerce platform delivers a better shopping experience for the customer. The site is always online with optimized performance, regardless of traffic volume or threat.  And we can’t say better than Stefan Olsson, Head of e-commerce at Kjell & Co:

Facts about the case

• 60-70% less load on own servers
• Fast and easy implementation


"Tieto Web Performance is the single largest performance enhancer that we have implemented for The result speaks for itself: we have 60-70% less load on our own servers, meaning we can welcome more visitors on our website than before and still deliver a stable customer experience for both customers and stores."

Tieto and Telia CDN 

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Tieto and Telia Company has partnered up to help companies and organizations offer faster and more reliable web services. The partnership strengthens Tieto’s wide portfolio of IT services for customers in the Nordics and it gives customers’ access to Telia CDN as either an add-on service or as part of the eCommerce solution Tieto Retail Experience.   Read more about the partnership >> 

For more information about Tieto Web Performance, please contact: 

Fredrik Bergström, Lead Business Development & Sales 
Retail & Consumer services, Tieto, +46 (0)72 503 51 10

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