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Telia CDN – Your Online Business Needs It.

An effective online presence requires five key elements, working together, to deliver the best performance for your business.

Telia’s CDN ensures that connections are always fast, regardless of the location of user; stable, with even the largest traffic loads; and safe from any unwanted hacks or intruders. We make sure you have complete control of all traffic and we are here to support you when and where you may need extra advice or help.

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Speed & Performance

It’s the wish of every business that traffic will flood their site, but what happens if the infrastructure isn’t in place to cope? 200 millisecond is the bench mark today, just a small increase in delay in page loading can mean the difference between success or failure. Humans are impatient and require streamlined transactions. Telia’s CDN includes lightning fast network servers, on the best backbone in the world and global reach to satisfy your customers, wherever they may be.  

When it’s the busiest time of year, you need the assurance of knowing that your site will handle the traffic. Customers can’t wait on servers that get congested, delayed and even crash. No business can afford this uncertainty and loss. Telia’s CDN has servers around the globe so load times are fast, effective, and ensure your customers’ experience is always the best, even when its busy.  

  • Increase conversion:  Our CDN helps your business to increase page speed, leading to improved user experience and search engine rankings. Cutting the page load time by multiple seconds have a huge impact on the conversion rate.  
  • Grow your audience: Your online business might be fast here, but how is it performing in other parts of your market, further from your servers?  Increase your ability to serve users across geographies, devices, browsers and platforms.  
  • Reduce cost: By managing traffic through our network you reduce the impact on your own servers. Leaving you with more time on your hands and more money in the budget. 


Our CDN will help meet your visitors’ demands with a flawless user experience, even during large sales campaigns such as Black Friday. You will see increased page speeds, improved search engine rankings and a huge impact on conversion rate and customer value.


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.

Our core CDN

Our global server network ensures that your content is always available anywhere, without latency. Additional capacity can be added in certain regions around the world.

Transact Delivery Network

Our specialized network were traffic only with go through server that are PSI compliant.

Dynamic Imaging

Dynamic scaling and compression of images on your site for optimum quality and speed.

Application Delivery Network

Our specialized network (ADN) for complex data that is unique for each visitor.

DNS Service

We provide you with global service to improve load times of your site.

DCP (Dynamic Cloud Packaging)

Repackage live video for various delivery formats.