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Telia CDN – Your Online Business Needs It.

An effective online presence requires five key elements, working together, to deliver the best performance for your business.

Telia’s CDN ensures that connections are always fast, regardless of the location of user; stable, with even the largest traffic loads; and safe from any unwanted hacks or intruders. We make sure you have complete control of all traffic and we are here to support you when and where you may need extra advice or help.

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Security & Stability

It’s time to secure your digital resources. When businesses rely on the quality of their network, and they experience outages, slow load times or a hack, the results are far worse online than they are on the high street. Telia’s CDN is designed to always keep your site online, fast and protected. Regardless of where your customers are in the world, our network ensures stability and security so that no technical mishaps will interrupt your business.  

Initially, many businesses don’t think that they need a CDN, and instead opt for a basic web server package. Unfortunately, as is the case for many of our customers, it takes a serious disruption to realize the importance of a professional network. When a database is hacked and customers are unable to access the site or process orders, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Telia’s CDN employs a multitude of tools for protection – Firewall, Token Authentication, Origin Shield and SSL certification, among others – to ensure that hacks never occur.  

  • Reduce cost: By managing traffic through our network you reduce the impact on your own servers. Leaving you with more time on your hands and more money in the budget.  
  • Versatile disruption protection: Stop brute force attacks, as well as “low and slow” attacks, before they reach your firewall and servers – globally. 
  • Automatic protection from new threats, globally: Get dynamic and automatic updates to your script defences as new attacks are recognised globally.   Through partnerships with other security companies globally, rulesets are shared so that everyone can learn from each other.  
  • Manned surveillance 24/7: Our Security Operations Center analyses, monitors and acts against related threats to your business in real time. Ease the workload of your IT staff and let our SOC give you an important advantage over those who threaten your business.


By managing traffic through our network, you reduce the impact on your own servers – 60-70% less load according to customers – and at the same time you protect your business, leaving you with more time on your hands and more money in the budget.  


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.


With a network capacity over 75TBPS our CDN absorbs any distributed attack  and ensures that your content is always available anywhere, without latency. 

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

A firewall in the cloud that inspects, filters and blocks HTTP traffic to and from your web applications and data bases for protection.

Token Authentication

With tokens, we can protect data and ensure that only authorized users have access to material.

Origin Storage

Your own storage space where log files are stored before they are sent to you.

HTTP Rate Limiting

This limits the number of requests that a visitor can make to a site for protection against bots and scrapers.

Origin Shield

All incoming traffic to a company's servers will go through a single CDN data center for additional protection and control.

SSL Certification

Creates a confidential encryption between your site and its visitors, ensuring that they are who they claim to be. 

Support for RSYNC/sFTP

Secure transfer of files to your own dedicated storage space in the CDN.

DNS Service

Ultra-secure, global, authoritative DNS service that includes additional DNSsec authentication,