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Telia CDN – Your Online Business Needs It.

An effective online presence requires five key elements, working together, to deliver the best performance for your business.

Telia’s CDN ensures that connections are always fast, regardless of the location of user; stable, with even the largest traffic loads; and safe from any unwanted hacks or intruders. We make sure you have complete control of all traffic and we are here to support you when and where you may need extra advice or help.

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Rich Media Delivery & Streaming

When content moves beyond static images and simple text, you need a network service that can handle more complex media. Telia’s CDN is always poised to process more difficult media or streaming activities and can handle the most server-intensive content. We make sure that your site is only limited by your imagination. Telia is the network that connects the most addresses in the world, so why not put your content in the middle of the internet.  

If you want to take your website to the next level, by adding videos and other media to the landing page, then a CDN is essential. No one wants to click play on a video and see a pre-loader, and then wait as it stops mid-stream, becoming a grainy version of itself. Old servers and low bandwidth can’t handle the job. With Telia’s CDN, there are no awkward load times and excellent video quality regardless of the device. Rich Media Delivery is Telia’s answer to delivering complex digital content so that it always seems easy. 

Local & Global coverageWe have the strongest networks in our footprint, not only in the Nordics, but in the world.  With best carrier net in the world (Telia Carrier) there no limit to what we can deliver. Adding partners is just icing on the cake.  

Tailor made SolutionsNo business is the same. You decide the set up you need, if you are unsure, we test and optimize alternatives together.  

Dynamic Chaching: By having fast purging which actively push out the new content to the cache-servers to avoid the caches being outdated. 


With the strongest networks in our footprint, not only in the Nordics, but in the world – including our award-winning Telia Carrier backbone – there is no limit to what we can deliver. In essence: we make sure your platform always delivers the best experience possible.


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.

Media CDN

With a network capacity with over 72 TBPS, our global server network ensures that your media is always available anywhere, without latency.

DCP (Dynamic Cloud Packaging)

 Repackage live video for various delivery formats.


Simplify streaming without the worry of different video formats. Coding and delivery of videos over the internet, live, linear and on demand.

360 degree insights

Monitor everything from server performance and bandwidth utilization to user demographics and content usage.