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Telia CDN – Your Online Business Needs It.

An effective online presence requires five key elements, working together, to deliver the best performance for your business.

Telia’s CDN ensures that connections are always fast, regardless of the location of user; stable, with even the largest traffic loads; and safe from any unwanted hacks or intruders. We make sure you have complete control of all traffic and we are here to support you when and where you may need extra advice or help.

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Monitoring & Control

Many online business wait to acquire a CDN, thinking that it’s difficult to configure, manage or update. It couldn’t be easier, and the advantages are enormous. You don’t need a computer engineering degree to start, and Telia is there throughout the process. Our CDN allows customers complete control over their web traffic; provides invaluable analytics; and is infinitely customizable or automated.

It’s easy to see the advantages of Telia’s CDN right away – everything from server performance and bandwidth utilization to user demographics and content usage; and you can control the traffic manually, blocking any unwanted visitors. Easy to use, and infinitely useful, Telia’s CDN is like having an exceptionally smart business manager always by your side.

Automated and manned surveillance: Our Security Operations Center analyses, monitors and acts against related threats to your business in real time. Ease the workload of your IT staff and let our SOC give you an important advantage over those who threaten your business.

Flexibility: You or your business needs decide how simple or complex you want it to be. You can manage your configurations or rules on your own, or we will support you all the way.

360 degree insights: Monitor everything from server performance and bandwidth utilization to user demographics and content usage. And with a variety of reports we can help you improve how your CDN serves.


We empower you to take control over your own content on your own terms – without being a computer engineer. With total control and total visibility, you will see your web performance increasing 


Features to increase your insights.

CDN Controll Centre (CCC)

A self-service portal where you can monitor, configure and adapt your CDN as much as you want. 

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A two-tier monitoring service where one is fully automated to monitor your files, perform analysis and send relevant alarms or/and a personal surveillance service from our Security Operations Center. 

Advanced Content Analytics

Allows you to analyze where your customers are physically and which pages they visit. 

Statistics in Real Time

 Allows you to track in real time how your site is being used. 

Edge Performance Analytics

Allows you to analyze how your site works with the CDN so you can optimize both cost and customer experience. 

HTTP Rules Engine 

Customize the rules how your traffic should be handled; blocking the delivery of certain content depending on location or perhaps defining a caching policyChoose between Basic, Advance and Mobile Detection. 

Real Time Log Delivery (RTLD)

Sends you full access logs for tracking and further analysis.