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The digital content explosion has made it both easier and harder to build a loyal audience. On one hand, advances in hardware and software continue to simplify capture and production. Now everyone can be a reporter, a DJ or even a filmmaker. But on the other hand, as the world fills with digital noise, it becomes harder to capture – and keep – an audience’s attention.

To complicate things, consumers want instant gratification and have a low tolerance for glitches and delays. They clicked “play” – and that means they want to see your stuff, now. They don’t want to stare at a preloader, have it stop midstream, or see a grainy, pixelated version of what you took so much care of to create. Of course, you don’t want this either.

But the reality is if you’re not using a top content delivery network to serve your media, most users will not have an optimal experience. The public internet is one big traffic jam, traditional web hosts serve media from only one location, and many legacy CDN’s simply are not built for rich media.

With our media delivery services, you can be sure that regardless of their device, location, or connection speed, users will have the best possible experience. If they’re in London, your media will be automatically delivered to them from a server in London – and very often, one directly connected to their ISP. Same for Sydney, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and all of the other cities where we’ve built our SuperPOP’s. This means that in many cases you can completely bypass the congested public internet and give users an instant-on, high fidelity experience.

Let us help you…

– Deliver instant-on videos with high-quality picture and sound in any major format
– Keep your content safe and secure
– Easily integrate with your existing asset management system
– Stop worrying about the technical stuff – servers, hosting, and infrastructure
– Publish directly from servers in 18 metros on 4 continents
– Learn more about your audience with the industry’s best analytics

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