Web Performance

The web today offers unprecedented opportunities to grow your online business.  At the same time, there’s an increasingly complex set of challenges associated with delivering a high-performance and secure experience, driven by the growing richness of web sites and mobile apps; the explosion of devices, platforms, networks, browsers; and ubiquity of internet access around the globe. 

The challenges facing business managers, web development and web operations teams include:

– Performance:  Slow web pages; unacceptable user experience; reduced site conversions; and poor search engine rankings;
– Availability:  Site outages and page errors; inability to serve users across geographies, devices, browsers, platforms.
– Scalability: Inability to handle high traffic volume, serve users, process transactions; an overloaded site infrastructure.
– Security: Vulnerability to threats from bots, hackers and attacks.

Telia CDN is an easy-to-use cloud service that brings speed, scale and security to any website. It accelerates your site for faster page loads, a better user experience and higher search engine rankings. It prevents your site from failing under heavy load or even attacks. It scales your web infrastructure to a global cloud network with over 20 locations. Further, Telia CDN watches your site 24×7 and provides real time visibility into site problems.


– Accelerate Dynamic Content
Keep users happy – and loyal – by serving dynamic content up to five times faster.

Whole Site Acceleration
Serve dynamic and static content from the same edge – and manage it all in one place.

Worry Less
From social media to e-commerce, rest easy knowing your entire site is loading quickly around the world.

Improve Your Bottom Line
Reduce bandwidth and server costs while improving the customer experience.

Engage Your Customers
Render highly personalized pages on-the-fly without worrying about performance penalties.

Save Time
Deploy your apps on our ADN and avoid infrastructure management and maintenance headaches.

Many optimizations – One package


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.

– Active failover & redundancy
When degradation along one path occurs, ADN automatically routes requests along the next-best path.

– Edge compression
Reduce payload while using our optimized connections for faster speeds and less bandwidth usage.

– Intelligent path optimization
ADN constantly monitors, analyzes, and ranks origin-to-edge paths in real-time.

– Seamless CDN integration
Dual-mode functionality lets you cache popular, static resources at the same edge without domain separation.

– Anycast technology
Robust traffic management and routing ensures data always takes the best path to users.

– Intelligent platform
Serves small files from RAM and large files from disk to ensure maximum performance

– Flexible origin server options
Store content with Telia or on your own hardware and cache automatically as needed.

– Powerful Security
Robust security features prevent hot-linking, piracy, and other forms of content theft. Deploy custom SSL certificates quickly and easily.

– Self service
Our user-friendly, browser-based Portal lets you easily log in from anywhere and manage your content and services.

– Make your own rules
Our powerful HTTP Rules Engine gives you highly granular control over how, when – and even if – your content is served.