Web Defender

Telia Web Defender enable customers to manage all traffic, not just the traffic that is intended to harm, at all times. This way Telia Web Defender ensures that the customer’s site continue to function att all times. The solution is distributed over the world and visitors are served from the closest point of presence in their region. This also ensures that malicious traffic is handled close to the source and the traffic never hits the customer’s infrastructure. In addition Telia WebDefender will load balance traffic between point of presences ensuring high availability even if one PoP is nearing capacity limits. This allows the traffic to be detected and handled before it has time to reach full strength.

Attacks are increasingly common

DDoS attacks have become an increasing problem. The numbers of DDoS attacks in the US increased by almost 60 percent from the fourth quarter of 2013 to the same quarter in 2014. A DDoS attack can quickly knock out an organization, thus causing loss of revenue or hitting critical societal functions. The fact that it is relatively easy to expose a company to an attack means that protection has become even more important.

Two variants

Telia Web Defender is available in two versions: Basic and Premium. Basic is a pre-packaged service that includes everything a customer needs. Premium is a more complex product that is always tailored to specific customer needs.

Web Defender complements TeliaDDoS protection – a managed solution that identifies and washing” defined attack traffic passing through the Telia network, limited by the access capacity. Web Defender is like a shield outside and suppresses immediately attacks, without having to first identify the traffic types.

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