Edge Optimizer

Supercharge your website with Telia CDN and our service Edge Optimizer, powered by Google’s PageSpeed technology.

With Edge Optimizer you speed up entire websites and mobile apps, reducing page load times and improving your visitors’ ability to interact with every page on your site. We speed up your site automatically by not only delivering the bytes faster, but also by reducing asset size, minimizing server requests, and enabling parallel delivery of assets and execution of scripts.


Optimize Caching

Keep your application’s data and logic off of your network altogether.

Minimize Round-Trip Time

Reduce the number of serial request-response cycles and load it all at once.

Minimize Request Overload

Don’t worry about initial requests slowing down page load time with the help of domain sharding.

Minimize Payload Size

Use less bandwidth by reducing the size of responses, downloads, and cached pages.

Optimize Browser Rendering

Tune your site to how specific browsers like it, enhancing performance regardless of user device.

Worry Less

From social media to e-commerce, rest easy knowing your entire site is loading quickly all around the world.

Accelerate Dynamic Content

Keep users happy – and loyal – by serving dynamic content up to five times faster.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Reduce bandwidth and server costs while improving the customer experience.


Extend Cache

Improve the cacheability of a web page’s resources without compromising the ability to change the resources and have those changes propagate to users’ browsers.

Sprite Images

Automatically detect GIF and PNG images used as backgrounds in CSS and have these elements combined and referenced from a CSS file as a single large image.

Rewrite Domains

Gain granular control over how domain sharding can apply to specific resources you designate.

Minify JavaScript

Automatically minify your JavaScript code by stripping away all comments and most whitespace.

Lazyload Images

The “Lazyload Images” filter changes the src attributes of <img> elements on each HTML page to include an onload handler that determines whether the element is in the client’s viewport and loads it.

Make Google Analytics Asynchronous

Automatically rewrite pages that load the Google Analytics tracking code synchronously to load it asynchronously to avoid blocking resources loaded later in the page.

Inline JavaScript

Reduce the number of requests made by a web page by inserting the contents of small external JavaScript resources directly into the HTML document.

Inline @import to Link

Automatically convert <style> tags consisting of exactly one @import statement into the corresponding <link> tags.