Rules Engine

HTTP Rules Engine gives you highly granular control over how, when – and even if – your content is served. The possibilities are endless, but the end result is much more control over the security, cost, and burden of your content delivery.

The Rules Engine is a powerful tool that gives you very precise control over your content delivery on our HTTP Large Object and HTTP Small Object platforms.

Now, from within our web-based Media Control Center, you can easily create custom rules that specify exactly how our edge servers cache and deliver your content.

As an example, consider a website serving a weather widget: if the weather forecast changes only once per hour, rules may be specified to load the widget from our edge servers between forecast updates, and only load from origin when the forecast changes. This will significantly reduce origin pulls, server load, and bandwidth costs.

Similar concepts can be applied to files, folders, extensions, query strings, and almost anything else.

By reducing the amount of work your origin servers do, you improve efficiency and end user response times. Additionally, it reduces the burden on your network management personnel, saving you time and money.

Customize your delivery to your exact specifications with our HTTP Rules Engine.

Let our Rules Engine help you:

– Slash bandwidth costs by specifying precise “origin pull” update intervals for each URL or object
– Reduce load on your origin servers by offloading your existing rules to our processing engine
– Portable rules and edge configurations simplify CDN and web host migrations
– Improve content security by blocking hotlinking and other inline leeching
– Simplify testing and staging by completely bypassing caching for certain CNAMES or directories