Lightning-Fast Content Purging

Storing your content on edge servers around the world is a critical part of how a CDN ensures fast delivery to end users. However, if you have an update to that content or wish to remove it, a “purge” is required. With many CDNs, purges can take several minutes, which can have a significant impact on your business – whether you’re a media company needing to correct an article, or an e-commerce company wishing to quickly correct a pricing error.

We have made a dramatic improvement to our worldwide platform that has allowed us to achieve dramatically superior purge performance. We call it Piranha Purge – with Piranha, most purges complete in just seconds.

Piranha Purge is one of of our greatest and most ambitious feature innovations yet. We’ve also improved purge functionality with optimized propagation, enhanced purge notifications, and even more visibility into purges from within our Analytics Suite.

Most important, all your existing purging methods (via web or API) will continue to work just fine – the only thing you need to change are your expectations.

Let Piranha Purge help you:
– Purge content 40-80x faster than our competitors – no more waiting to get fresh content in front of your users.
– Handle complex freshness configurations, including multi-tiered cache hierarchies and origin shielding.
– Process requests through our web portal or via our API.