Media Delivery

We bring your content closer to your users than ever before.

Telia CDN gives you the features you need to monetize, monitor and serve your streams without any of the infrastructure hassles. Using our web-based control panel, you can easily upload content and stage it on edge servers in the Nordic countries and around the world in minutes.

As web content continues to explode, it’s becoming increasingly harder to capture – and keep – an audience’s attention. At the very top of our list of best practices is making sure videos start quickly, look great, and play smoothly, regardless of the viewer’s location or device.

End users want instant gratification and have a low tolerance for glitches and delays. They don’t want to stare at a preloader  – or see a grainy, stuttering version of what you took so much care to create. Of course, you don’t want this either.

If you’re not using a top content delivery network to stream your media, users will not have an optimal experience. The public internet is one big traffic jam, traditional web hosts serve media from only one location, and most legacy CDNs are not built for rich media. With our streaming services, you can be sure that regardless of format, device, location, or connection speed, your users will have the best possible experience.

Our robust 360 reporting and analytics toolset enhances your streaming with a wide range of real-time and historical traffic reporting tools. You won’t find a faster, more flexible platform for streaming media.


– The highest possible speed and quality
– Superior performance regardless of device, format, or location
– Robust security to protect content
– A user-friendly web control panel
– The industry’s best analytics
– Intelligent routing to ensure each user is served from the ideal location


Our network delivers the best online video experience with the platform that works best for you: Microsoft Silverlight, HTTP progressive, or H.264/HTML5.

– Dynamic streaming for multi-bitrate delivery
– DVR technology and server archiving for live streams
– Streaming of H.264 and HE-ACC compressed media for smooth HD video
– Intelligent adaptation to changing computer and network conditions
– Enhanced stream protection and server-side security
– Stream content to a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS devices