Keep up with Telia CDN.

Even if we might not show it, our Telia CDN is used by many. We have customers that operates air traffic to customers who sell hunting gear, or to customers that let you watch your favorite series. Most likely you have been using our service without you even knowing it. So read more about what we have and will do, hopefully we can give you some inspiration!

Tieto and Telia CDN levels up Kjell & Co e-commerce

Kjell & Co was facing the challenge of meeting their customers increasing demands on a perfect user experience and was also having problems with uneven load on their server and managing large traffic peaks during.. Read More

Chiquelle and the CDN that saved Black Friday

Once upon a time there was a company named Chiquelle. They were preparing for a big event called Black Friday. One of, or perhaps the biggest shopping days online. A day when Chiquelle’s e-commerce site.. Read More