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One Telia CDN does fit all.

Each business, industry or organization has its own unique needs, and requires a service that will reflect those. With our CDN, we will work together to set up a solution that will give your business the benefits it needs, whether it is an extensive DDoS protection or caching of content, even for dynamic pages. You decide which set up you need, and if you are unsure, we can test and optimize different alternatives together.

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Retail and consumer goods (e-commerce)

200 milliseconds is the bench mark today and just a small delay in page loading can mean the difference between success or failure for you. And we mean small, we are talking about 0,1 seconds that can make a difference on your conversions.

And isn’t it the wish of every online business manager that traffic will flood your site. But what happens if your infrastructure will not cope? Worst case scenario your e-commerce, will go down, and you will lose massive amounts of revenue. Best case scenario your site will only get really slow and you “only” will decrease conversion and put a big smudge on your brand and of course lose a lot of revenue.

So with competition so fierce, online businesses who want an advantage need the best and fastest network possible – a CDN. Our Tier 1 CDN will help you amplify your online traffic by lowering load times, absorb large peaks and reach a global footprint. All things that are proven to increase the revenue of an online business.


  • Higher conversion: Our CDN will increase the speed your page loads, resulting in improved purchase experience and as a sherry on the top, improved search engine rankings. Conversions increase with 74% if load times are lowered from 8 to 2 seconds. 
  • Grow your businessYour site might be fast here, but what about in other parts of your market? Further from your servers. By using our CDN you will increase your ability to serve shoppers across the world without delay.  And without big investments in new server.
  • Manage peak traffic: Handle traffic and transactions during peak hours such as holidays, salary days, weekend or during your summer end of seasong campaign or the lasted news letter send out.


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.

Application Delivery Network

Our specialized network (ADN) for complex data that is unique for each visitor. Suits perfectly for your with an e-commerse.

DNS Service

We provide you with global service to improve load times of your site.

Professional Services & Support

With our solution, your organization’s need will  never get lost in the crowd. We have the ability to offer world class service and support with our local presence.

Dynamic Imaging

Dynamic scaling and compression of images on your site for optimum quality and speed. What would your e-shop be without images.

Monitoring & Control

Our CDN allows customers complete control over their web traffic; provides invaluable analytics; and is infinitely customizable or automated.

Stability & Security

Telia’s CDN is designed to always keep your site online, fast and protected. Our network and added features ensures stability and security.