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One Telia CDN does fit all.

Each business, industry or organization has its own unique needs, and requires a service that will reflect those. With our CDN, we will work together to set up a solution that will give your business the benefits it needs, whether it is an extensive DDoS protection or caching of content, even for dynamic pages. You decide which set up you need, and if you are unsure, we can test and optimize different alternatives together.

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Public Sector

A digitalized society, tougher regulatory laws, a lack of IT resources and knowledge, combined with the fact that digital crime has never been as lucrative as before, puts high pressure on organizations and public companies. We are more and more connected, we use the web for many of our daily tasks and online visitors expects a flawless user experience. This means that your platform ALWAYS needs to be online and you need to deliver an optimized online experience.  

Did you know that cyber threats like DDoS attacks against public sector are increasing? What would happen if you got attacked when you need to share information during a crisis, or people need to use your online services? Most likely your website will go down, or your visitors will experience a really slow site. Neither acceptable by online users today that expect a high-performance web experience.   

Securing and improving your online presence has never been easier
Telia CDN provides state-of-the-art protection against all types of threats, whether it be credential exploits, brute force DDoS attacks, or “Low and slow” attacks. At the same time as we improve your user experience. Activating Telia CDN requires no changes in your environment, no on-prem solutions, nor any capex.  

In essence: With Telia CDN, we make sure that your platform is optimized and always stays online. In close collaboration with your organization, we create a solution for your needs, a solution that is easy to implement and manage.


  • Always online: Threats come in many forms and develop quickly. Our CDN handles all common tactics and adapts to new threats as they emerge. Malicious requests can thus be detected and blocked on our network of thousands of servers, before they even reach your own infrastructure. Our Tier 1 CDN stops DDoS attacks both on the internet protocol layer as well as on the application (HTTP) layer. 
  • Customize: Each organization has its own unique requirements. We will work together to set up a CDN solution that fits your needs, whether it is an extensive DDoS protection or caching of content, even for dynamic pages. And if you are unsure, we can test and optimize different alternatives together.
  • Service & support:  With our solution, your organization’s need will never get lost in the crowd. We have the ability to offer world class service and support with our local presence, as well as the capabilities of our international experts.


Dozens of “best practice” optimizations built in, so your content has every possible advantage.


With build protections against any distributed attack we ensures that your content is always available, without latency.  

HTTP Rate Limiting

This limits the number of requests that a visitor can make to a site for protection against bots and scrapers.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A two-tier monitoring service where one is fully automated to monitor your files, perform analysis and send relevant alarms or/and a personal surveillance service from our Security Operations Center.

Speed & Performance

Telia’s CDN includes lightning fast network servers, on the best backbone in the world and global reach to satisfy your customers, wherever they may be.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A firewall in the cloud that inspects, filters and blocks HTTP traffic to and from your web applications and data bases for protection.

Origin Shield

All incoming traffic to a company's servers will go through a single CDN data center for additional protection and control.

Monitoring & Control

Our CDN allows customers complete control over their web traffic; provides invaluable analytics; and is infinitely customizable or automated.