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One Telia CDN does fit all.

Each business, industry or organization has its own unique needs, and requires a service that will reflect those. With our CDN, we will work together to set up a solution that will give your business the benefits it needs, whether it is an extensive DDoS protection or caching of content, even for dynamic pages. You decide which set up you need, and if you are unsure, we can test and optimize different alternatives together.

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Media & Entertainment

The digital content explosion has made it harder to capture and keep your audience’s attention, this combined with an increasing demand on a flawless viewer experience regardless of device, puts them in control and a lot of pressure on you. But, if we let you focus on building your audience, let us focus on delivering your content flawlessly. 

Consumers want instant gratification and have a low tolerance for glitches and delays. They clicked “play” – and that means they want to see your stuff, now. They don’t want to stare at a preloader, have it stop midstream, or see a grainy, pixelated version of what took you so much time and effort to create. Of course, you don’t want this either.

But the reality is if you’re not using a top content delivery network to serve your media, most users will not have an optimal experience. The public internet is one big traffic jam, traditional web hosts serve media from only one location, and many legacy CDN’s simply are not built for rich media.

Time to level up your content delivery
Telia is the network that connects the most addresses in the world, so why not put your content in the middle of the internet.  We have the strongest networks in our footprint, not only in the Nordics, but in the world.  With the best carrier net in the world (Telia Carrier) there no limit to what we can deliver.

And with our media delivery services, you can be sure that regardless of their device, location, or connection speed, users will have the best possible experience. In essence: With Telia CDN, we make sure that your platform delivers the best experience possible. In close collaboration with your organization, we create a solution for your needs, a solution that is easy to implement and manage.


  • Cutting edge experience: We truly have a network built for media that ensures the best-viewing experiences regardless of where your audiences are in the world. We excel your delivery not only by delivering the bytes faster in the best network, but also by simplifying your streaming process.
  • Customize: Each organization has its own unique requirements. We will work together to set up a CDN solution that fits your needs, whether it is an extensive DDoS protection or caching of content, even for dynamic pages. And if you are unsure, we can test and optimize different alternatives together.
  • Service & support:  With our solution, your organization’s need will never get lost in the crowd. We have the ability to offer world class service and support with our local presence, as well as the capabilities of our international experts.


That will make sure your platform delivers the best.


With a network capacity with over 72 TBPS, our global server network ensures that your media is always available anywhere, without latency.

DCP (Dynamic Cloud Packaging)

Repackage live video for various delivery formats.

Monitoring & Control

Our CDN gives you complete control over your web traffic. Monitor everything from server performance and bandwidth utilization to user demographics and content usage.


Simplify streaming without the worry of different video formats. Coding and delivery of videos over the internet, live, linear and on demand.

Token Authentication

With tokens, we can protect data and ensure that only authorized users have access to material.

Security & Stability

By managing traffic through our network, you reduce the impact on your own servers and at the same time you protect your business from cyber-attacks.