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Chiquelle and the CDN that saved Black Friday

Once upon a time there was a company named Chiquelle. They were preparing for a big event called Black Friday. One of, or perhaps the biggest shopping days online. A day when Chiquelle’s e-commerce site had to performance at its finest and deliver an outstanding purchase experience.  

But for that special autumn occasion Chiquelle wanted to do something extraordinary to their customers and decided to launch a pre-Black-Friday-campaign. The campaign blew all expectations and was going exceedingly well, customers from all over the world rushed to the site wanting to make a good deal.  BUT the platform couldn’t manage the huge numbers of shoppers coming in at the same time wanting to spend their money. The site slowed down, pages loaded more slowly, and conversion decreased…  

Fortunately, their e-commerce platform partner Jetshop had partner up with Telia CDN. So, the Telia CDN team together with Jetshop came to the rescue. And in only a couple of hours the CDN service was installed and shopping could continue with no interruption – all around the world.  

The end…  

Facts about the case

- 26% Decrease in Document Interaction Time
- 8 % increased conversion rate with


"Since we have implemented the joint solution from Jetshop and Telia CDN our online business has increased. We have easily been able to expand to new markets and our site is performing perfectly: regardless if you are shopping from USA or in Sweden, or during our campaigns that are very popular and attracts a lot of traffic, says Pouya Boland, CEO at Chiquelle"

The True Chiquelle Story 

Maybe some things in the fairy-tale might be exaggerated, just a little… but it is based on a true success story.  A story about a company who started in 2012 and is one of the fastest growing fashion brands online and have been awarded several rewards around the world. They started in Stockholm but quickly expanded in Europe and to the USA, today they ship to over 70 countries worldwide.  

Chiquelle wanted a strategic e-commerce partner to be able to reach their high goals on turnover and expansion to an international market.  And they of course chose Jetshop Elastic Commerce, including the service: Security and Performance on a Global Scale.   A service that is powered by Telia CDN.  

The service powered by Telia CDN is very flexible and easy to implement, and suits perfectly for e-commerse companies with a global audience or wanting to expand, and of course wanting an extra layer of protection.  Because a secure and fast site will give the best purchase experience for you customers. And with speed comes increased conversion and higher revenues. And the results for Chiquelle speak for themselves, 8 % increase in conversion rate, and 26 % shortened Document Interaction Time.   

Chiquelle has since the beginning invested very much on customer experience in all their channels, and the success has followed. Perhaps because of their ability to inspire their customers with the latest trends and unique products which are all handpicked by their fashionistas. But also, with a flawless online shopping experience.   

And we at Telia CDN are very proud to be a part of Chiquelle’s story delivering an optimal customer experience online.