The Internet is growing at the speed of imagination, and so are the demands on the network. The only way to keep up is through innovation and action. In the face of ever-increasing customer demands, we must continue to challenge not only ourselves, but the whole industry.

Telia Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Telia is the newest and most modern Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the Nordic region. We are delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, all possible through the world’s first global CDN federation and massive regional presence.

We speed up Internet

Legacy CDNs require hundreds and even thousands of lower capacity POPs around the globe, yet this approach is much more suited for the low-bandwidth, small-file web of the past. Telia POPs are numerous enough that we can place content on the edge near end users (especially large concentrations of users) around the world, but not so diverse that we are unable to effectively cache and serve objects for our customers. Thus, our clients get complete global coverage with very high cache ratios, resulting in extremely cost-effective content delivery.  On top of this we are going deeper into the Nordic region, bringing your content closer to your local audience.

Part of a global CDN federation

Telia leverage its massive regional network presence, along with Verizon Digital Media Services’ proven EdgeCast CDN technology. Making our Nordic CDN directly connected to Verizon Digital Media Services’ worldwide network and the OpenCDN Federation. This means that our customers will realize significantly improved performance in every region in the world including users throughout the Nordic region.

Telia CDN World map

Telia has CDN presence on five continents thanks to our own footprint and the global CDN Federation. In addition to our Edge CDN nodes in the Nordic countries, we also have presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Locations include, but not limited to, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New York, Paris, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, and Washington DC.