Telia CDN – Your Online Business Needs It.

Today’s businesses are constantly facing new challenges. With increased web traffic and greater customer demands online, it’s essential that your site is always optimized. The bench mark today is 200 milliseconds, just a small delay over that in page loading can mean the difference between success or failure. Security and stability are equally important. With competition fierce, businesses who want an advantage need the best network possible – a CDN.

Are you facing some of these challenges? Then we can solve your problem.

  • Poor Performance: Slow web pages; poor user experience; reduced sales; and weak search engine rankings.
  • Availability Issues: Site outages and page errors; inability to serve users across geographies, devices, browsers, platforms.
  • Scalability Problems: Inability to handle high traffic volume, serve users, process transactions; an overloaded site infrastructure.
  • Inadequate Security: Vulnerability to threats from bots, hackers and attacks.


We make sure that your online platform excels
Telia’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an easy-to-use cloud service that brings speed, control, security and support to any online platform, resulting in faster page loads, a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Our CDN prevents your site from failing under heavy load or attacks and scales your web infrastructure to a global cloud network with over 130 locations or super PoPs, on 6 continents, with a 75TBPS network capacityy.

Why Telia CDN service?
Easy-to-set-up, use and customize, Telia’s CDN ensures that your online plattform is always optimized for conversion. Fast, responsive, stable and safe, Telia guarantees 100% availability of the CDN service with 24x7 monitoring and issue resolution. Also included is our full suite of advanced security features including DDoS protection, Web Application Firewalling and Origin Shielding.

“With the strongest networks in our footprint, not only in the Nordics, but in the world – including our award-winning Telia Carrier backbone – there is no limit to what we can deliver. In essence: we make sure your platform always delivers the best experience possible.”

Part of a global CDN federation
Telia leverage its massive regional network presence, along with Verizon Digital Media Services’ proven EdgeCast CDN technology. Making our Nordic CDN directly connected to Verizon Digital Media Services’ worldwide network and the OpenCDN Federation. This means that our customers will realize significantly improved performance in every region in the world including users throughout the Nordic region.