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Telia CDN – when it’s time to level up your online presence.

With Telia CDN, we make sure that your online platform excels, giving your customers the flawless online experience they deserve. In close collaboration with your organization, we create a solution for your needs, a solution that is easy to implement, as well as manage.

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How do we empower your online presence?

Speed & Performance

It’s the wish of every business that traffic will flood their site, but what happens if the infrastructure isn’t in place to cope? 200 millisecond is the bench mark today, just a small increase in delay in page loading can mean the difference between success or failure. Humans are impatient and require streamlined transactions. Telia’s CDN includes lightning fast network servers, on the best backbone in the world and global reach to satisfy your customers, wherever they may be.

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Security & Stability

It’s time to secure your digital resources. When businesses rely on the quality of their network, and they experience outages, slow load times or a hack, the results are far worse online than they are on the high street. Telia’s CDN is designed to always keep your site online, fast and protected. Regardless of where your customers are in the world, our network ensures stability and security so that no technical mishaps will interrupt your business.  

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Rich Media Delivery & Streaming

When content moves beyond static images and simple text, you need a network service that can handle more complex media. Telia’s CDN is always poised to process more difficult media or streaming activities and can handle the most server-intensive content. We make sure that your site is only limited by your imagination. Telia is the network that connects the most addresses in the world, so why not put your content in the middle of the internet.

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Monitoring & Control

Many online business wait to acquire a CDN, thinking that it’s difficult to configure, manage or update. It couldn’t be easier, and the advantages are enormous. You don’t need a computer engineering degree to start, and Telia is there throughout the process. Our CDN allows customers complete control over their web traffic; provides invaluable analytics; and is infinitely customizable or automated.

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Professional Services & Support

Beyond the many technological benefits that Telia’s CDN provides online businesses, there is also the support. Regardless of where you are globally, Telia has technicians and experts available around the clock. Any problem is resolvable in a timely manner which is crucial for any business, because we know that customers never want to wait.

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What Can We Do For Your Industry?